Weather and Lakes



One of the favorite features of this area is the moderate year round temperatures.  The mild summer days and cool summer nights can be attributed to the Cumberland Plateau’s 2,000-foot elevation~ allowing for more comfort­able temperatures and much lower humidity factors than most areas of the south.  The hottest month of the year, July has an average relative humidity of only 72 percent.

We do get snow in the area during the winter months.  However, due to the mild daytime temperatures, it is usually little more than an overnight dusting that is typically gone within a couple of hours, or at most, a couple of days.


The following is a graph of the average yearly temperatures for the Cumberland County area. This information was compiled from the Weather Channel’s web site at

   Jan   Feb   Mar  Apr  May  Jun   Jul         Aug                Sep        Oct      Nov                Dec 

 Av High 42 47 57 66 73 80 83 82 76 67 56 46

 Av Low 24 27 36 44 51 59 63 62 56 44 36 29

 Av Precip 4.6” 4.4” 6.0” 4.8” 5.1” 4.1” 5.1” 4.1” 3.7” 3.4” 4.9” 5.3”


As you can see, we get almost 56 inches of precipitation each year, with an average of 11 of the 56 inches coming in the form of snow.  This precipitation is what allows for the lush, deep green trees, grass and foliage with little or no personal watering.  The rain is spread so evenly throughout the year, rather than having a “rainy” or “dry” season, it never feels as if it rains all the time or never at all.



Many residents put this great weather to use boating and fishing on one of the 11 lakes located throughout the resort.  Because these lakes are man-made and spring-fed, they are free of pollution and boast crystal clear waters.  The lakes are stocked with large and small mouth bass, yellow perch, bream, shell crackers, crappie, channel catfish, and blue catfish.  Because of their depths and the high oxygen content offered by the springs, Lakes Dartmoor, Kirkstone and Glastowbury are also home to rainbow trout and walleye.

Below is a list of the lakes at Fairfield Glade as well as their size and depths:

Dartmoor 201 acres/88 ft deep        Kirkstone 21 acres/41 ft deep

St. George 126 acres/43 ft deep      Sherwood 16 acres/34 ft deep

Canterbury 47acres/35 ft deep        Malvern 13 acres/36 ft deep

Glastowbury 46 acres/77 ft deep     Spring Lake 11 acres/18 ft deep

Catherine  38 acres/25 ft deep         Oxford  5 acres/12 ft deep

Pomeroy 25 acres/29 ft deep


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